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Trivia Archives
1/1-1/10: Did you know that Bill Condon's 2006 film "Dreamgirls" is the only film ever to have received eight Academy Award nominations that wasn't also nominated for best picture?
1/11-17: Did you know that Thelma Ritter was nominated for six best supporting actress Oscar awards without ever taking home a statuette?
1/18-1/24: Did you know that William A. Wellman's silent film "Wings" won the first ever Oscar for Best Picture?
1/25-1/31: Did you know that with her recent Academy Award nomination for best actress for the film "Doubt" that Meryl Streep tied Katharine Hepburn's record of 12 best actress nominations?
2/1-2/7: Did you know that with when Peter Finch won the best actor award for "Network" that he was the only actor to ever win a posthumous Oscar to this date (2/1/09)?
2/8-2/14: James Whitmore passed away this week at age 87. Did you know he was nominated in 1976 for a best actor Oscar for his portrayal of President Harry S. Truman in "Give 'em Hell, Harry!"?
2/15-2/22: Did you know that the first Academy Awards broadcasted on television was on March 19, 1953? The show was hosted by Bob Hope.
2/23-28: Did you know that by winning the best actor Oscar this week that Sean Penn has tied Gary Cooper, Marlon Brando, Tom Hanks, Daniel Day Lewis, Fredric March, Dustin Hoffman and Spencer Tracy for the most best actor awards with two?
3/1-3/7: Did you know that during a scene in John Schlesinger's 1976 film "Marathon Man" that Dustin Hoffman insisted upon actually being held underwater to get a realistic shot? After several takes Hoffman had to be given oxygen.


3/8-3/14: Did you know that Steve Martin's film debut was in Carl Reiner's 1979 film "The Jerk"?

3/15-3/22: Did you know that Sylvester Stallone has won the "worst actor" Razzie a record four times for worst in film excellence?
3/23-3/30: Did you know that the late Natasha Richardson's first major film role was as Frankenstein author Mary Shelley in Ken Russell's 1986 film "Gothic"?
4/1-4/11: Did you know that the character Walter Neff in "Double Indemnity" (1944) was orginally named Walter Ness, but director/writer Billy Wilder found out that there was a man living in Beverly Hills named Walter Ness who was actually an insurance salesman. To avoid being sued for defamation of character, they changed the name.
4/12-4/19: Because director Roger Corman did not believe that “The Little Shop of Horrors” had much financial prospect after its initial theatrical run, he did not bother to copyright it, resulting in the film falling into the public domain.
5/22-5/29: Did you know that during the filming of Francis Ford Coppola's 1979 film "Apocalypse Now" that star Martin Sheen almost died from a severe heart attack?

5/30-6/8: Did you know that Lee Marvin is buried next to boxing great Joe Louis in Arlington National Cemetery?

6/9-6-15: Did you know that character actor Ward Bond appeared in 26 John Ford films?
8/1-8/10: Did you know that Glenn Ford was honorably discharged from the Marines on December 7, 1944, which happened to be the third anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor? 



Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon


The game is based on a variation of the concept of six degrees of separation that everything is related by six degrees. It states that any actor can be linked through their film roles to actor Kevin Bacon. The game requires a group of players to try to connect any film actor in history to Kevin Bacon as quickly as possible and in as few links as possible. The game became popular in the ‘90s as a party game. Though the game started out as people trying to link Kevin Bacon it can be done with any actor.


Example #1: Kevin Costner


  1. Kevin Costner was in "Rumor Has It..." with Shirley MacLaine.
  2. Shirley MacLaine was in "The Apartment" with Jack Lemmon.
  3. Jack Lemmon was in "JFK" with Kevin Costner.



Example #2: Jack Nicholson


  1. Jack Nicholson was in "The Bucket List" with Morgan Freeman.
  2. Morgan Freeman was in "Se7en" with Brad Pitt.
  3. Brad Pitt was in "Legends of the Fall" with Anthony Hopkins.
  4. Anthony Hopkins was in "The Silence of the Lambs" with Scott Glenn.
  5. Scott Glenn was in "Silverado" with Kevin Costner.
  6. Kevin Costner was in "Rumor Has It..." with Shirley MacLaine.
  7. Shirley MacLaine was in "Terms of Endearment" with Jack Nicholson.

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